Leonardodamouse is an individual who began customizing computer peripherals, notably mice, as a personal project and then started selling them online. The idea started a few years ago when Leonardodamouse wanted a white-themed computer setup, including a white keyboard, mouse, and desktop.

However, they found that the cost of white peripherals was much higher than the standard black versions. Inspired by posts from Nachocustomz and arti.mice on Reddit, they decided to try customizing their own peripherals.

Leonardodamouse began by painting a few items and selling them on eBay to recover the cost of the paint. After posting their work on Reddit, they received positive comments and messages, which encouraged them to continue.

One Reddit user, known as "Carrot," reached out to Leonardodamouse after missing a bid on eBay and requested a custom piece. This marked a shift in their approach to their craft, emphasizing quality and durability in their customizations.