Mouse Bite Labs is a website dedicated to comprehensive electronic projects and tutorials, with a particular focus on retro gaming. The creator documents their electronics projects, most of which revolve around old retro games. They aim to make thorough posts for public consumption and sell PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) that they have used for their own purposes.

The website covers a variety of consoles including the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, and Game Boy. For each console, they have designed PCBs for games and provide detailed guides on how to make cartridges for these games. For instance, they have guides on how to make an NES cartridge, NES Reproduction Board Guide for Basic, MMC1, and MMC3 games.

One of their recent projects is the DMGC – an original Game Boy with Game Boy Color guts, and a bunch of improvements. This project is a follow-up to last year’s Game Boy Color in a DMG shell project, but this time with fully custom PCBs and some better enhancements.

They also provide a list of equipment they use regularly for their projects, which includes safety glasses, soldering/hot air station, fume extractor, solder (leaded and non-leaded), low-melt solder (Chipquik), solder paste, copper sponge, flux (Amtech brand), copper braid, wire (teflon 28 gauge, kynar 30 gauge), flush cutters and wire strippers, ESD tweezers, helping hands, power supply, multimeter, oscilloscope, calipers, 3D printer: Prusa Mini+, Dremel, box cutter, X-ACTO blade, and more.

The website also has a store where they sell their products, and they have a presence on social media platforms like Twitter, Discord, YouTube, and Facebook. They also have a blog where they post updates about their projects and tutorials.